Athletic Department

Shenandoah Athletic Department Philosophy Statement

The Athletic Department of Shenandoah High School places the highest priority on the role of athletics as an integral part of the overall educational experience. We are consistent with the mission statement of Noble Local School District that states, " Noble Local Schools will create a culture of continuous improvement where ALL students are provided opportunities for success." All students are encouraged to participate in our programs and provided opportunities for growth.

Shenandoah High School provides rigorous and future-ready academic programs to prepare students for the twenty-first century. Learning is not restricted to the classroom setting and our athletic programs provide opportunities for students to learn skills that are necessary for being a successful citizen, employee/employer, spouse, and parent. Our programs teach student-athletes leadership skills, organizational skills, communication skills, work ethic, discipline and integrity through competition and teamwork. All student-athletes are held to the high standards set forth by the Noble Local School District and Ohio High School Athletic Association as they relate to academic and eligibility requirements. The school also holds our student-athletes, coaches, and administrators accountable to the highest standard of ethical behavior and sportsmanship.