2022 SHS Class of 2022 Signing Days

2022 SHS Class of 2022 Signing Days
Posted on 02/09/2022






Every spring we schedule signing days for student-athletes that are signing to go to college to compete in athletics.  This year we would like to open this up to recognize more students.  We would like to have "signing days" for any student that is signing up to be enrolled, employed, or enlisted.  Students who are enrolling in college, have post-secondary employment lined up to start after graduation, or are enlisting in the military can "sign their letter of intent".  We will provide picture opportunity for the student and their family and would recognize their accomplishment on social media and also in the Noble Local News.  

The dates / times for these signing days are as follows and will be held in the High School Media Center. 

2-16-2022 2:00-6:00pm

3-10-2022 2:00-5:00pm

4-6-2022 2:00-6:00pm

5-9-2022 2:00-6:00pm

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me at the high school, 740732261 or [email protected]